Learning Objectives

2-1: Explain how the Supreme Court reviews laws affecting First Amendment rights.

2-2: Show how the government restrains First Amendment freedoms.

2-3: Discuss the value of the First Amendment in the United States.

2-4: Describe various interpretations of the First Amendment.

2-5: Describe the significance of First Amendment protection for political speech.

2-6: Discuss the First Amendment issues surrounding political campaigning and financing elections.

2-7: Explain how anonymous speech is protected under the First Amendment. 

2-8: Describe the conditions under which the government can control the speech of its employees.

2-9: Describe how the First Amendment applies to speech in public versus nonpublic places.

2-10: Explain how the press has changed since the eighteenth century.

2-11: Recognize how freedom of association is connected to freedom of speech.

2-12: Differentiate between the right to speak and the right to refrain from speaking.

2-13: Trace the origins of the First Amendment.