Links to Professional Resources

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1. Columbia Journalism Review: Shield Laws & Journalists Privilege

This article provides a basic overview of shield law for budding journalists.

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2. The Federal Common Law of Journalist’s Privilege: A Position Paper

This is a detailed position paper on reporter’s privilege. It highlights and considers the interaction of court rulings such as Branzburg v. Hayes with federal rule and state law. The piece is co-authored by a subcommittee of the Committee on Communications and Media Law.

3. First Amendment Coalition: Federal Shield Law

This page on the FAC website offers numerous articles about the unsuccessful attempts in 2009 and 2010 to adopt a federal shield law.

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4. First Amendment Encyclopedia: Shield Laws

This entry provides an overview of shield laws and contains links to relevant news stories regarding shield laws.

5. Freedom Forum Institute: State Sheild Statutes and Leading Cases

This website provides a list of state shield laws and details regarding key cases in each state.

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