Links to Professional Resources

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1. Freedom House

This website provides individual reports about the state of press freedom in various countries.

Follow on Twitter: @Freedomhouse

2. Freedom of the Press Foundation

This website tracks threats to press freedom worldwide.

Follow on Twitter: @FreedomofPress

3. Free Press

This website contains news, features, and editorials about freedom of the press in the United States.

Follow on Twitter: @freepress

4. FindLaw

This website offers links to the annotated text of the First Amendment, discussion of the Supreme Court cases affected by the Court’s interpretation of the First Amendment, and an overview of the relevant case law.

Follow on Twitter: @FindLaw

5. First Amendment Coalition

This site offers news about First Amendment issues and cases. The organization also provides legal consultations for practicing journalists.

Follow on Twitter: @FACoalition

6. Freedom Forum Institute

This website provides analysis and commentary on news, issues, events, and cases related to the First Amendment.

Follow on Twitter: @1stAmendmentCtr and @FreedomForumIns

7. Legal Information Institute

This website offers primary legal sources including federal and state statues and Supreme Court decisions and case updates. It also includes a legal encyclopedia and an introduction to basic legal citation, as well as educational materials on various legal topics.

Follow on Twitter: @LIICornell

8. New England First Amendment Coalition

This website offers news about the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment and features discussions by leading scholars, journalists, and lawyers.

Follow on Twitter: @FiveFreedoms

9. UNC Center for Media Law & Policy

This website features news about media law and policy and offers a Media Law Resources tab for instructors.

Follow on Twitter: @uncmedialaw

10. U.S. National Archives

This site includes access to America’s founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Follow on Twitter: @USNatArchives