Answers to Test Yourself

Below are answers to the chapter Test Yourself feature.

(1) d (2) b (3) a (4)  e (5) b (6) a (7) b (8a) smile/no smile; between-subjects male/female researcher; between-subjects (8b) Answers will vary. The researcher wanted to see if there was a difference in helping behavior between receiving and thank you (and smile) from a male or female because a smile from a different gender could have a different effect. (8c) Yes, it looks like the combination of a female researcher and a smile led to an effect, but the smile effect was not present for males. (9) The main effects of both instruction type, F(1,8) = 31.00, p = .001, and item type, F(1,8) = 144.81, p < .001, were significant, with online lectures producing higher scores (M = 13.17, SD = 9.50) than lives lectures (M = 8.00, SD = 3.03) and short answers (M = 16.17, SD = 6.34) producing higher scores than multiple choice (M = 5.00, SD = 0.63). The results also showed an interaction effect between instruction type and item type, F(1,8) = 39.52, p < .001 with a larger item type effect in the online lectures than the live lectures.