Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Trump Is Again Considering Dramatic Action on Immigration. Here’s Why
Description: This video highlight Trump’s action toward immigration policy, which entailed firing the DHS secretary.

Video 2: Climate of Doubt
Description: A Frontline special on climate change and changes in groups’ views on it.

Video 3: Battle for Syria
Description: A Frontline special on the Syrian Civil War and the views of the parties involved.

Video 4: Tiananmen 30 Years on: UN Silence on China Human Rights Abuses
Description: James Bays from Al Jazeera reports from the UN New York on the pressure that the UN faces to speak out against China on a number of human rights issues.

Web 1: Climate Change Takes Center Stage as Biden and Warren Release Plans
Description: This article covers both Biden and Warren’s plans to address climate change if they are to be elected in the 2020 presidential election.

Web 2: U.S. Energy Consumption
Description: A graphic comparing the United States to other major countries comparing energy consumption.

Web 3: Global Immigration
Description: A graphic on global migration and immigration.

Web 4: Freedom House
Description: Freedom House home page.