Video and Multimedia

Audio Resources

Audio 15.1: Immigration
Description: An audio story about the lives of undocumented immigrants.
Learning Objective: 15.2: Give examples of institutional influences on fertility, mortality, and migration.

Audio 15.2: Small Towns
Description: This American Life takes on life in small towns.
Learning Objective: 15.3: Describe individual decisions that affect population patterns.

Video Resources

Video 15.1: The Transit City of the Future
Description: Transportation geek Wanis Kabbaj thinks we can find inspiration in the genius of our biology to design the transit systems of the future.
Learning Objective: 15.4: Discuss national and global urbanization trends.

Video 15.2: How Megacities Are Changing the Map of the World
Description: In this TED talk, a global strategist discusses how cities are expanding into a  “connectography” and how the emerging global network civilization holds the promise of reducing pollution and inequality.
Learning Objective: 15.4: Discuss national and global urbanization trends.

Web Resources

Web 15.1: Population Clock
Description: The Population Clock, issued by the Census Bureau, looks at how many births and deaths take place within the United States as well as the 10 most populated countries around the world.
Learning Objective: 15.1: Illustrate the pattern of the world’s population growth over time.

Web 15.2: The Growth of Cities
Description: This article from Pacific Standard Magazine examines a simple pattern of population growth and decline in 4 major cities in both the United States and Europe.
Learning Objective: 15.6: Compare industrial and postindustrial cities