Chapter Overviews

Chapter Nine, Methods and Processes of Data Analysis, builds on the framework for data analysis articulated in Chapter Seven and focuses on the influences and techniques necessary for a critical, rigorous, and valid analysis process. We describe a three-pronged approach to data analysis that includes the ongoing processes of data organization and management, immersive engagement, and writing and representation. As a part of this multi-layered approach, we describe a data management plan, suggestions for organizing and managing your data, ideas about the preparation of transcripts, pre-coding processes, and ways to read data. We describe specific data analysis strategies including approaches to and processes of coding, dialogic engagement strategies, and connecting strategies.  The chapter details how to code various kinds of data including documents and considerations about the use of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. We discuss how to generate, scrutinize, and vet themes and provide a sample process for developing analytic themes. The chapter ends with ideas about the role and issues of writing and representation in qualitative data analysis.