Video and Multimedia

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1. An Overview of Qualitative Research Methods
Barbara Bowers gives an overview of qualitative research methods, how to select the appropriate qualitative method, when and how to use qualitative methods in a mixed methods study and some tips for writing a grant proposal using qualitative research methods.

2. Writing-up Qualitative Research
Dr. Graham Gibbs lectures on developing a plan for writing and presenting a qualitative research report.

3. Writing Tips #1: Weeding Out Prepositions
Writing Tip #2: Comma Rules!
Writing Tip #3: Writing Qualitative Findings Paragraphs
Writing Tip #4: Transitions and Signposting

In this series, the presenter discusses research writing in general and also focuses and demonstrates on how to writing the qualitative research findings.

4. Writing Qualitative Research Papers for International, Peer Review Journals
Dr. Mark Hayter’s webinar on Qualitative Research papers for publication purposes.