Video and Multimedia

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1. Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Methods
What is Qualitative Research
Developing a Qualitative Research Question
Focus groups
Data Analysis
Scientific Rigor

Dr. Leslie Curry of Yale University introduces qualitative research in this 6 module lecture; what it entails, how questions are developed, how data are collected and analyzed, and how the researcher ensures rigor in qualitative research.

2. Understanding 21st Century Qualitative Research–QualitativeMind’s Channel
In this 5-minute video, psychologist and lifelong qualitative researcher, Joanna Chrzanowska, uses the metaphor of watching a play to provide a brief introduction to qualitative research and points out how this methodology contrasts as well as complements quantitative research.

3. What is Ontology? and What is Epistemology?
University professor and researcher, Kent Löfgren, provides a general introduction to these two branches of philosophy of science concepts that are important in the search for knowledge, the study of research, and the development of theories.

4. How your working memory makes sense of the world
In this lecture, educational psychologist, Peter Doolittle, talks about how we make sense of life’s experiences. Consider how qualitative researchers use the same idea to make sense of the life stories of their research participants.

5. Telling a Complete Story with Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
Dr. John W. Creswell provides an example of how qualitative research techniques can complement quantitative research methods to help researchers make meaning of research participants’ stories or experiences.