Learning Objectives

On completion of this chapter, the reader should be able to do the following:

LO 5.1: Explain single-, double-, and triple-loop learning.

LO 5.2: Understand the importance of making learning a part of the decision process.

LO 5.3: Apply systems thinking to ethical problems to investigate solutions to those problems.

LO 5.4: Use both/and thinking to recognize and address the contradictions at the core of many ethical issues.

LO 5.5: Use moral imagination to develop imaginative solutions to complex ethical dilemmas.

LO 5.6: Establish team-based processes to employ inquiry and advocacy in making effective ethical decisions.

LO 5.7: Use tools such as trial-and-error and experimental learning to deal with uncertainty in ethical decision-making.

LO 5.8: Recognize how organizations can undertake learning spirals to continuously improve their ability to address ethical dilemmas.