Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the deep structure of Bartlett's Egulac story.
  2. Memorize the paired associate list in Table 14.1 by putting the cue words on one side of a 3×5 card and the response words on the other. How many trials did it take you to learn the list without making any errors?
  3. Indicate which of the following capitals are already in your semantic memory by giving their countries: Ouagadougou, Kabul, Brazzaville, Stockholm, Ottawa, Montevideo.
  4. Illustrate the representations of you available on a driver's license or similar identification card. How many are there? What are their codes?
  5. Estimate the number of death per year due to shark attack or bee sting. What heuristic would predict a higher number for shark attacks?
  6. Imagine what human cognition would be like without language.
  7. Produce a map of the 100 billion neurons in the human nervous system and show all of the synapses between them. Award yourself the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine upon completion. :-)