Learning Objectives

  1. Imagine what the zeitgeist of where you live was like 100 years ago.
  2. Examine the two tables (Tables 1.2 and 1.3) showing eminent psychologists and list the ones you are familiar with, have heard of, or have never heard of.
  3. Describe one or two events in your life that would represent “big history” or large scale events capable of altering history for many people.
  4. Compare the borders you have noticed in courses you have taken. What indicated to you that you were in a new or different territory?
  5. Reorganize the subfields of psychology shown in Table 1.5 by coming up with different higher-order headings. You may re-use some of the existing ones, but try to find other ways of categorizing psychology's subfields.
  6. Identify at least three topics that are purely psychological and not part of another science.