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Journal Article 1.1

Citation: Burl, J., Shah, S., Filone, S., Foster, E., & DeMatteo, D. (2011). A survey of graduate training programs and coursework in forensic psychologyTeaching of Psychology39, 48–53.

Abstract: An increasing number of graduate programs are available to students interested in the study of forensic psychology. The growth of forensic training opportunities is reflective of the wider development of forensic psychology as a discrete specialty area. An Internet-based survey was conducted to provide descriptive information to academic advisors of students interested in pursuing graduate-level training in forensic psychology. The goals of this survey were to identify forensic psychology graduate programs, categorize these programs by degree type, and examine their coursework content. The results of this survey will be useful to advisors seeking an understanding of the graduate training opportunities available in forensic psychology.

Journal Article 1.2

Citation: Dattilio, F. M. (2011). Toward a good fit between forensic psychiatrists and psychologistsJournal of Psychiatry & Law39, 689–696.

Abstract: The longstanding relationship between forensic psychiatrists and psychologists has been fraught with tension and controversy over the years, particularly pertaining to the issue of their overlapping roles and what some consider a competitiveness in the field. This article reviews some of that controversy and also addresses the issue of how psychiatrists and psychologists actually do different things and can work harmoniously in a collaborative fashion. The text also addresses how this collaborative relationship can be best promoted—not only through forensic training programs, but also in the eyes of attorneys and jurists.