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Video 1: Immigration policy uncertainty negatively affecting Latino families, report says
Description: A report in the Journal of Adolescent Health studied 200 Latino parents, two-thirds of them legal U.S. residents, and found that they experienced a 300% increase in psychological distress, including depression and anxiety, regardless of their immigration status.

Video 2: American higher education at risk from immigration policies, says USC president
Description: University leaders are concerned about how federal government policies are affecting higher education in the U.S

Audio 1: What Border Patrol Agents Think About Immigration Policy
Description: The U.S. border with Mexico is a difficult place to patrol. Chris Cabrera, spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, speaks with NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about what a wall would mean.

Audio 2: After Justice Department Sues California, State Says Immigration Policies Will Not Change
Description: The debate over immigration and "sanctuary cities" has escalated. The Trump administration sued California over three laws designed to keep local officials and businesses from helping enforce immigration measures. State officials say they will stand their ground.

Web 1: American Immigration Council