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Video 1: Governor, Sign 'Denny's Law' on Serious Sex Offenses Like Hastert Committed
Description: Dennis Hastert served time for breaking banking laws to hide his sexual abuse of teenage boys.

Video 2: Local Governments Support Uniform Regulation and Inspection for All Child Care Providers
Description: Twenty-one local governments have passed resolutions expressing support for legislation calling for uniform childcare licensing and inspection standards for all childcare facilities in Alabama.

Audio 1: California Lawmakers Consider How to Regulate Home Schools After Abuse Discovery
Description: David and Louise Turpin were arrested after it was discovered that their 13 children were being abused and held captive.

Audio 2: Trump Re-Examines Regulations Regarding Fracking, Oil Drilling
Description: The Trump administration rescinds rules on fracking and proposes rolling back safety measures on offshore oil drilling. Ailsa Chang talks to Alisa Barba, executive editor of Inside Energy.

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Description: Your voice in federal decision-making.