Research Methods in Psychology: Investigating Human Behavior

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Research Methods in Psychology: Investigating Human Behavior draws on fascinating stories to illustrate the entire research process within a unifying conceptual framework. Bestselling authors Paul G. Nestor and Russell K. Schutt present a clear and comprehensive introduction to the logic and techniques of research methods in psychology by employing a unique combination of two distinct yet complementary pedagogical techniques. First, chapters designed for experiential, hands-on studies put the student in the roles of researcher, participant, and consumer to bring concepts to life. Second, the findings of cognitive science guide the text in a way that is most conducive to learning. This novel approach serves as an effective way to make the world of psychological research fun and rewarding for students, in addition to allowing them to gain the foundational knowledge they need to design, conduct, and present research.


We gratefully acknowledge Paul G. Nestor and Russell K. Schutt for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to several talented individuals who developed the resources to support this text. Those people include Dr. Jan W. Lucas of North Carolina State University, Aimee Poirier, Karen Stevens, and Candace M. Evans of University of Massachusetts, Boston for developing the ancillaries on this site.