Video Resources

Video 1: Should jurors be instructed about jury nullification?

Description: In this episode of POLICYbrief, Cato Institute’s Clark Neily argues in favor of instructing jurors about what Neily calls “conscientious acquittal,” while Berkeley Law’s Orin Kerr argues that jury nullification empowers niche and sometimes undesirable views of justice.

Video 2: Conviction Integrity Unit

Description: Find out more about the Ninth Judicial State’s Attorney’s Office’s program called Conviction Integrity Unit that investigates possible cases of wrongful convictions.

Video 3: A juror’s reflection on the death penalty

Description: Lindy Lou Isonhood grew up in a town where the death penalty was a fact of life, part of the unspoken culture. But after she served as a juror in a capital murder trial—and voted “yes” to sentencing a guilty man to death—something inside her changed. In this engaging and personal talk, Isonhood reflects on the question she's been asking herself in the 25 years since the trial: Am I a murderer?