Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: How Cities, States and Businesses Are Already Fighting Climate Change Without Trump
Description: President Trump’s address on the Paris agreement is shown in the video. The article covers information on what cities and states are doing to fight climate change without Trump.

Video 2: The History of Obamacare
Description: CNN's Cyril Vanier gives a history of the Affordable Care Act following the news that a Texas federal judge struck down the law, citing the individual mandate coverage as unconstitutional.

Web 1: Anger, Confusion Over Dwindling Refunds. Is Trump’s Tax Plan to Blame?
Description: As the first federal returns for 2018 come in, some taxpayers are discovering an unpleasant surprise: Their refunds are smaller than expected. Who is to blame?

Web 2: Government Shutdown 2019
Description: The Politico website provides a breakdown of all of the news articles pertaining to the government shutdown of 2019.