Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: California Cannot Wait on Clean Drinking Water Crisis. Speaker Rendon, Let Legislators Vote
Description: This video highlights the issues regarding the clean drinking water crisis in California, especially mobile home park residents in the Delta Loop of Iselton.

Video 2: 2018: The Year the Every Student Succeeds Act Shifts From Planning to Practice and States Face Their First Test on Accountability
Description: This video highlights the perspectives from insiders and tracks ESSA’s trajectory from its signing in 2015 to the education plans being finalized across states in 2018.

Web 1: New Regulations May Not Be Enough to Save Coal Industry
Description: This article discusses the revision to the EPA’s regulations regarding the coal industry.

Web 2: California Voters Just Made It Harder to Get an Initiative on the Ballot
Description: This article discuses one of the tools of direct democracy: the initiative, and how changes to the process will make it harder to get initiatives on the ballot.