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American Association for Marriage and the Family Therapy: This organization consists of approximately 30,000 marital and family therapists. AAMFT has a code of ethics.

Division 43 of the American Psychological Association: Society for Couple and Family Psychology: This is a division of the American Psychological Association, established to help psychologists who provide therapy to families. The division’s mission is to expand both the study and the practice of Family Psychology, through education, research, and clinical practice.


Training Centers

Therapy Training Boston

Website: https://www.therapytrainingboston.com/. TTB is a learning community committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, and groups by providing state-of-the-art training. Spawned by the closure of the Family Institute of Cambridge, an organization that educated people in New England and afar for 35 years, we aspire to meet its training goals.

The Minuchin Center for the Family

Website: http://minuchincenter.org/. The Minuchin Center for the Family is a small, private training institution in New York City founded by Salvador Minuchin. The Minuchin Center trains family therapists on the philosophy of Structural Family Therapy training.

The Multicultural Family Institute

Website: http://www.multiculturalfamily.org/. The Multicultural Family Institute is a nonprofit educational institution committed to family therapy training, research, and consultation to community institutions from a Multicultural Systemic perspective. Founded by Monica McGoldrick, the Institute aims to provide training to therapists and counselors who work with individuals, couples, and families at any point in the life cycle. The Institute is committed to promoting social justice, countering the societal forces that undermine people because of race, gender, culture, class, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center

Website: http://www.philafamily.com/. An outgrowth of the Family Therapy Training Center founded by Salvador Minuchin in 1975, the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center offers Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy training and research in couple and family therapy and developmentally based approaches to child, adolescent, and adult behavioral health issues. Most of the Center’s senior faculty worked with Dr. Minuchin at the former Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic as the concepts of Structural Family Therapy were being defined and promulgated during the 1970s and have trained thousands of mental health and other human service professionals in the practice of family therapy, examining ecologically the home, school, and community environments for those elements of strength which can be mobilized to create positive, sustained change.