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The following resources may be helpful for those seeking to learn more about spirituality and psychotherapy integration.

American Psychological Association’s Division 36 (Psychology of Religion and Spirituality): This association states that it promotes the application of psychological research methods and interpretive frameworks for different forms of religion and spirituality. It encourages the integration of spirituality with psychotherapy approaches.

Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling: This organization is a special interest division of the American Counseling Association.

American Association of Pastoral Counselors: This is an organization of clergy members who are committed to promoting pastoral counseling.

Psychology of Religion: This is a website that provides information and a number of links that explore a diversity of issues related to the psychology of religion.

Santa Clara University Spirituality and Health Institute: A number of universities offer presentations on the integration of psychology and religion/spirituality. This university explores the relationship between spirituality and health from an interdisciplinary, multicultural perspective.

Spirituality and Health Special Interest Group, Society of Behavioral Medicine: International Association for the Psychology of Religion is based in Europe and has a forum for the exchange of scholarly information for individuals interested in the worldwide psychology of religion. This website presents multicultural and diverse points of view.

Spirituality and Practice: Brussat, F., & Brussat, M. A. (n.d.). Spirituality and practice: Resources for spiritual journeys.

The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion: The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion publishes the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.