Web Resources

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Center for Narrative Practice (New York): A family therapy and training facility run by Jodi Aman, LCSW-R, that aims to advance the practice of narrative approaches to therapeutic conversations within the community of Rochester, New York.

The Drama Therapy Institute: Narrative approaches with drama therapy

Family-Centered Services Project (Massachusetts): The Family-Centered Services Project (with founder and director William Madsen) is a training and consultation project that utilizes narrative ideas to help public agencies develop institutional practices and organizational cultures that support more respectful and responsive ways of serving youth and families.


The Narrative Project (Western Canada): The Narrative Project is committed to providing narrative training, consultation, and therapy in western Canada. Brief therapy services provided are oriented toward assisting people to achieve more preferred directions in their lives. Workshop and training information is available at the website.

Winnipeg Narrative Therapy: offers narrative workshops and a Narrative Practice Group in Winnipeg, Canada.


Dulwich Centre: This is a wonderful website. Dulwich Centre is an independent center in Adelaide, Australia, involved in narrative therapy, community work, training, publishing, supporting practitioners in different parts of the world, and cohosting international conferences. It acts as a gateway to information about narrative therapy and collective narrative practice. You will also find here articles to read, books and journals to purchase, and training events and conferences to attend. David Epston is on the faculty at Dulwich Centre, and training is being provided online.

Narrative Practices Adelaide: This is an independent center for therapy, consultation, training, and supervision in South Australia. This website contains a wealth of information about narrative therapy.

Additional Narrative Resources

Masterswork Videos: offers online purchasing of narrative videos including tapes of therapists such as Michael White, David Epston, Jill Freedman, and Gene Combs.

Narrative Psychology: This is an Internet and resource guide that includes biographical and theoretical information on theorists and key figures in narrative such as Michel Foucault, Gregory Bateson, and Kenneth Gergen.

Narrative Space: This website provides a good introduction to narrative therapy, including a breakdown of terminology and concepts.

Reauthoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory: The book, Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory (authored by Peggy Sax), and companion website show how teachers, lifelong students, and practitioners can take advantage of the online medium to consult with each other, bring multiple voices into teaching, and learn about life experiences from people who seek our services.