Learning Objectives

5.1 Explain the corollary to the main themes of Chapter 4: specifically, that dominant– minority group relations change as the subsistence technology of the society changes.
5.2 Understand the complexity of Jim Crow segregation in the South, why it was created, and its effects.
5.3 Explain the significance of the Great Migration and the origins of Black protest.
5.4 Apply the concepts of acculturation, integration, and intersectionality to the period covered in this chapter.
5.5 Explain the important trends created by the shifts to industrial and postindustrial subsistence technology and describe how these trends affected dominant–minority relations.
5.6 Understand the shift from paternalistic to rigid to fluid competitive group relations.
5.7 Apply the concept of modern institutional discrimination to contemporary Black–white relations, and understand why affirmative action policies were created to combat it.