Learning Objectives

2.1 Explain types of assimilation, including Anglo-conformity, the “melting pot,” and the “traditional” model of assimilation. How does human capital theory relate to each of these types?
2.2 Explain types of pluralism, including cultural pluralism and structural pluralism.
2.3 Discuss and explain other types of group relationships such as separatism.
2.4 Describe the timing, causes, and volume of European immigration to the United States, and explain how those immigrants became “white ethnics.”
2.5 Understand the European patterns of assimilation and major variations in those patterns by social class, gender, and religion.
2.6 Describe the status of the descendants of European immigrants today, including the “twilight of white ethnicity.”
2.7 Analyze contemporary immigration using sociological concepts in this chapter. Explain how the traditional model of assimilation does or does not apply to contemporary immigrants.