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Satan's Slave's SPSS tips 

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4.1 Save time and avoid RSI 

4.2 Wide format data entry 

4.3 Naming variables 

4.4 Copying and pasting into the data editor and variable viewer 

4.5 Printing and saving the planet 

4.6 Funny numbers 

5.1 Strange dialog boxes 

5.2 The properties pane 

5.3 Colours or patterns?  

5.4 Regression lines on a scatterplot matrix 

6.1 Handling missing data 

6.2 Using syntax to compute new variables  

7.1 Alternatives to the Mann–Whitney test 

7.2 Other op tions for comparing two dependent groups 

7.3 Other options for Kruskal–Wallis 

7.4 Alternatives to Friedman’s ANOVA 

9.1 Selecting cases 

10.1 Computing t from means, SDs and Ns 

10.2 Robust independent t-test 

10.3 Robust paired-samples t-test 

11.1 Troubleshooting PROCESS 

11.2 Using syntax to recode 

12.1 One and two-tailed tests in ANOVA 

12.2 Robust one-way independent ANOVA 

13.1 Planned contrasts for ANCOVA 

13.2 Robust ANCOVA 

14.1 Simple effects analysis using SPSS Statistics 

14.2 Robust tests f or factorial designs 

15.1 My Mauchly’s test looks weird 

15.2 Robust one-way repeated-measures designs 

15.3 Simple effects analysis using SPSS Statistics 

15.4 Pivoting trays 

18.1 Correlation or covariance matrix? 

18.2 Error messages about a ‘non-positive defini te matrix’ 

19.1 Statistical options for crosstabs 

20.1 Error messages about ‘failure to converge’ 

20.2 Warning! Zero frequencies 

21.1 Factor(s) or Covariate(s) 

21.2 Estimation