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Multiple choice questions

Practice answering stats questions, test your understanding and prepare for exams with these multiple choice questions. You can do them chapter by chapter, pick the level you’re ready to try or do them all in one go (if you’re incredibly keen and/or have nothing else to do with your evening)!

To help you this material is coded with an icon. These icons are designed to give you an idea of the difficulty of the task. It doesn’t mean that you can skip things, but it will let you know whether something is at about your level, or whether it’s going to push you. It’s based on a wonderful categorization system using the letter ‘I’:

Click on the icons to get started.

This hopefully means that everyone will understand these sections. These are for people just starting their undergraduate courses. Cramming Sam recommends.

Anyone with a bit of background in statistics should be able to get to grips with these sections. They are aimed at people who are perhaps in the second year of their degree, but they can still be quite challenging in places. Brian Haemorrhage recommends.

In at the deep endIn at the deep end
These topics are difficult. Final-year undergraduates and recent postgraduate students should be able to tackle these sections. Jane Superbrain recommends.