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Introducing Comparative Politics: The Essentials is organized thematically around the essential questions in comparative politics - Who rules? What explains political behavior? Where and why? Adapted from the authors' Introducing Comparative Politics, Fifth Edition, The Essentials version offers the same framework for understanding comparative politics in a briefer format. Stephen Orvis and Carol Ann Drogus introduce key comparative questions while providing equal strengths and weaknesses of commonly debated theories, structures, and beliefs that push students and generate in-class debate over key concepts used in the science of comparative politics. While detailed case studies can go in-depth on specific countries and political systems, Introducing Comparative Politics: The Essentials, distills its country material into paragraph-long examples woven seamlessly into the narrative of the text, increasing global awareness, current-event literacy, and critical-thinking skills.

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We gratefully acknowledge Stephen Orvis and Carol Ann Drogus for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Carolyn Morgan, Peter Tunkis, and Integra Software Services for developing the resources on this site.