Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

1. Was World War I the error of modern history medium
Description: In this interview, Dr. Niall Ferguson, a historian at Oxford University and author of the book The Pity of War, discusses whether World War I was a mistake.

2. Personality and Power: The Case of Otto Von Bismarck
Description: This presentation, hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, centers on German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck; Prof. Jonathan Steinberg, the speaker, is the author of a biography of Bismarck.

3. The League of Nations
Description: This excerpt from the People’s Century documentary series video shows the beginnings of the League of Nations, the idealist organization which was initially conceived by Pres. Wilson, and also its initial objectives (disarmament and national self-determination).

4. A line in the sand that caused the Middle East crisis - Truthloader
Description: The importance of the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement between the major powers, Britain and France, to divide the spheres of influence in the Middle East at the end of WWI. Many believe that it has led to the Middle East tensions of today.

Web Resources

1. The Great War
Description: PBS film on World War I.

2. World War One
Description: BBC video on World War I.

3. First World War
Description: These three websites provide multimedia histories of World War I, featuring primary documents, photographs, encyclopedias and glossaries, and memoirs, diaries, and letters.

4. Milestones in the history of U.S. Foreign Relations
Description: This page, run by the State Department’s Office of the Historian, gives an overview of World War I and its immediate aftermath (including the Paris Peace Conference and the founding of the League of Nations).