Video and Multimedia

Video Resources

1. Global Wealth Inequality: What you never knew you never knew
Description: This brief video uses graphics to illustrate the global inequality in wealth.

2. Immanuel Wallerstein on the end of Capitalism
Description: This is a brief excerpt from an interview with Immanuel Wallerstein, the founder of world systems theory, in which he discusses the transition away from a world capitalist system.

3. A tale of two political systems
Description: In this TED talk demonstrating a critical theory perspective, Chinese investor and political scientist Eric Li argues that there is more than one way to develop and run a successful country and nation, beyond the traditional Western approach.

Web Resources

1. United Nations for Indigenous Peoples
Description: This is the website for the United Nations body dedicated to the concerns of indigenous people.

2. Socialist Register
Description: This is the home page of an annual journal that presents Marxist or socialist viewpoints on international affairs, with each issue focusing on a major topic in current events.