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Journal Article 1: Kubrin, C., & Seron, C. (2016, February). The prospects and perils of ending mass incarceration in the United States. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 664(1), 16–24.

Abstract: In the domain of justice, empirical evidence by itself cannot point the way to policy, yet an explicit and transparent expression of normative principles has been notably missing as U.S. incarceration rates dramatically rose over the past four decades. Normative principles have deep roots in jurisprudence and theories of governance and are needed to supplement empirical evidence to guide future policy and research.

Journal Article 2: Cullen, F. T., Skovron, S. E., Scott, J. E., & Burton Jr, V. S. (1990, September). Public support for correctional treatment: The tenacity of rehabilitative ideology. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 17(1), 6–18.

Abstract: For the past decade or so, scholars have joined with politicians in suggesting that citizens manifest little support for correctional treatment. Based on a 1986 survey of Cincinnati and Columbus residents, we present data that question this broad assumption. The data indicate that rehabilitation receives considerable support, though this is most pronounced for certain offenders and for certain treatment modalities. In general, the study reinforces the finding of a growing body of revisionist research that the public retains faith in rehabilitation as a legitimate goal of the correctional process.