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Video Links

Video 9.1: How To Live Passionately - No Matter Your Age

Description: Ted Talk with Isabel Allende, discussing her fears as she gets older and how she plans to keep on “living passionately.”

Video 9.2: Aging: It’s Not What You Think 

Description: Neuroscientist Thad Polk walks through the effects of aging on the human brain, debunking myths about the aging process.

Video 9.3: Laura Carstensen: The New Culture of Aging

Description: A discussion of the implications of increasing average age of life expectancy for aging

Audio Link

Audio 9.1: Finding the Right Match for Retirement Living

Description: In this episode of the Aging in America Podcast, senior living advisor, Beth Friesen, shares how Oasis Senior Advisors help caregivers and adult children select a community that fits their needs.

Web Link

Web 9.1: On Aging

Description:  A series of clips and articles on issues relevant to aging