Learning Objectives

  1. Define, compare, and contrast assault, battery, and mayhem at the Common Law and under the Model Penal Code (MPC).
  2. Distinguish constitutionally protected speech from true threat.
  3. Identify and explain the typical elements of stalking statutes.
  4. Identify and explain the elements of Common Law rape; compare those to modern sexual assault statutes.
  5. Identify the elements of statutory rape. Identify and contrast the mens rea that is required in most jurisdictions with the mens rea required in a minority of jurisdictions for statutory rape.
  6. Describe the rationale and statutory outcomes of the movement to eliminate or extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes.
  7. Identify and explain two or more special aspects of punishing sex offenders.
  8. Identify the elements of, and compare and contrast, kidnapping and false imprisonment.
  9. Distinguish the crime of abuse from the crime of neglect.
  10. Identify the typical elements of the crime of human trafficking.
  11. Identify and define Section 1983 actions and at least one federal criminal civil rights law.