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Carlson, S., Gerhards, J., & Hans, S. (2016). Educating children in times of globalisation: Class-specific child-rearing practices and the acquisition of transnational cultural capital. Sociology.  Advance online publication doi:10.1177/0038038515618601

Darroch, F. E., & Giles, A. R. (2016). Health/service providers’ perspectives on barriers to healthy weight gain and physical activity in pregnant, urban first nations women. Qualitative Health Research, 26, 5-16. 

Mwangi, C. A. G., Fries-Britt, S., Peralta, A. M., & Daoud, N. (2016). Examining Intraracial Dynamics and Engagement Between Native-Born and Foreign-Born Black Collegians in STEM. Journal of Black Studies, 47, 773-794. doi: 10.1177/0021934716658860