Additional Case Studies and Readings

Additional case studies and book chapters from SAGE's exclusive SAGE Research Methods product, curated specifically for this book, allow for further exploration into topics that are not discussed in-depth in Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design, or that need emphasis.

Chapter 4
The Presentation of "Pro-Anorexia" in Online Group Interactions (Article)

Chapter 5
Choosing the Right Qualitative Approach (Chapter)

Chapter 6
Examining the Media’s Portrayal of Community College Students: A Qualitative Approach Using Semi-Structured Interviewing (Case Study)

Chapter 7
Developing Grounded Theory About the Patient Role in Medication Administration Safety: A Research Methods Case (Case Study)

Chapter 8
Analysing Semi-Structured Interviews: Understanding Family Experience of Rare Disease and Genetic Risk (Dataset)

Chapter 11
The Role of the Student’s Culture in Second Language Acquisition: An Ethnography (Case)