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Video 1: Arab Spring

Description: A brief history of the Arab Spring

Audio Links

Audio 1: On U.S. Foreign Policy: Should America be Doing Less in World Affairs?

Description: When it comes to U.S. foreign policy failures, Stephen Walt says it all traces back to what he calls a “liberal hegemony” and the idea that the U.S. can spread democracy without accountability. In his new book The Hell of Good Intentions, Walt argues that it’s time for a more restrained approach.

Audio 2: What Trump's Speech at The U.N. Revealed About Current American Foreign Policy

Description: NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks to Vali Nasr, dean of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, about President Trump's foreign policy and his approach to dealing with Iran.

Audio 3: What NAFTA Without Canada Would Mean

Description: NPR's Scott Simon asks Bruce Heyman, former U.S. ambassador to Canada, how a NAFTA replacement that excludes Canada would affect U.S.-Canada relations.