Methods in Psychological Research

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Methods in Psychological Research

Methods in Psychological Research introduces students to the rich world of research in psychology through student-friendly writing, compelling real-world examples, and frequent opportunities for practice. Using a relaxed yet supportive tone that eases student anxiety, the authors present a mixture of conceptual and practical discussions, and spark reader interest in research by covering meaningful topics that resonate with today’s students. In-text features like Conceptual Exercises, FYI sections, and FAQ sections with accompanying visual cues support learning throughout the research experience. The Fourth Edition equips students with the tools they need to understand research concepts, conduct their own experiments, and present their findings.


We gratefully acknowledge Bryan J. Rooney and Annabel Ness Evans for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to several talented individuals who developed the resources to support this text. Those people include Matthew Isaak at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Aimee Poirier, Karen Stevens, and Danielle Terry at the Guthrie Medical Center.