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The Second Edition of Introduction to Research Methods: A Hands-on Approach by Bora Pajo continues to make research easy to understand and easy to construct. Covering both quantitative and qualitative methods, this new edition lays out the differences between research approaches so readers can better understand when and how to use each research design. Through clear, simple, and even humorous prose, this text offers students a straightforward introduction to a new world of social science research. Rather than making research seem intimidating, Introduction to Research Methods shows students that research is an ongoing conversation concerning topics that matter in their lives, a conversation that's easy to understand and easy to join. The new edition features updated chapters on qualitative designs and qualitative data analysis, a new chapter on big data and digital methods, and updated citation and report styles for APA Style 7th Edition.

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We gratefully acknowledge Bora Pajo for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Graphic World for developing the resources on this site.