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In this briefer, streamlined edition of Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, David Newman's goal is the same: to write a textbook that "reads like a real book." The author show students how to see the “unfamiliar in the familiar”—to step back and see organization and predictability in their take-for-granted personal experiences. Newman uses the metaphors of “architecture” and “construction,” to help students understand that society is not something that exists “out there,” independently of themselves; it is a human creation that is planned, maintained, or altered by individuals. Instead of surveying every subfield in sociology, the more streamlined coverage focuses on the individual and society, the construction of self and society, and social inequality in the context of social structures.


We gratefully acknowledge David Newman for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Andrea Miller of Webster University, Harvest Moon of University of Texas at Arlington, and Nancy Reeves for developing the ancillaries on this site.