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Invite your students to discover social psychology’s relevance to their lives with Social Psychology, an award-winning textbook from teacher-researchers Thomas Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend. The new Second Edition ​continues the approach​ of social psychology as an evolving, science-driven conversation, and ​a new streamlined chapter structure ​around​ three core questions central to scientific inquiry makes content more accessible to students.​ A methods-in-context approach cultivates psychological literacy, and compelling examples drawn from popular culture ​and everyday life capture students’ attention and enable connections to personal experiences. The second edition has been thoroughly updated for currency, including new pop culture examples, additional diversity coverage, and more recent critiques of the Zimbardo and Milgram studies, plus over a hundred new citations from recently published research. To facilitate application, the book concludes with eight mini chapters on topics such as environmental sustainability and law and the courtroom, including new topics on​ careers in Social Psychology and the social psychology of humans and their pets. Students will become active participants in the social psychology dialogue, finding their fascination with the field and realizing its significance in their daily lives and future careers.

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We gratefully acknowledge Thomas Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.