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Written with a down-to-earth and student-focused approachFamily Life Now, 3rd edition, delivers a comprehensive examination of interaction among family members and intimate partners. With an emphasis on today’s diverse and complex individual, family, and the evolving impact of societal issues, this text engages students through a balanced, integrated approach of the human development and family science disciplines.

Author Kelly Welch uses a first-person narrative style of writing to engage readers, encourage them draw upon their own background and experiences to understand theories and concepts, and to paint a realistic view of families and intimate relationships. 

This text lays the foundation to understanding relationships better, applying research and theory, and promotes the ways in which those considering a helping profession career (such as social worker, therapist, psychologist, teacher, early childhood, childcare provider, or healthcare provider) can employ strengths-oriented, best practices to create and deliver effective, quality couple and family life education.

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We gratefully acknowledge Kelly J. Welch for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to E. Megan Glancy of NC State University for developing the resources on this site.