Welcome to the SAGE edge site for A Novel Approach to Politics, Sixth Edition!

A Novel Approach to Politics turns the conventional textbook wisdom on its head by using pop culture references to illustrate key concepts and cover recent political events. Adopters of previous editions, from schools all over the country, are thanking author Douglas A. Van Belle for some of their best student evaluations to date. 

With this Sixth Edition, Van Belle brings the book fully up-to-date with recent events, current policy debates, international happenings, and other assorted intergalactic matters. Understanding politics requires a willingness to engage with ideas, arguments, and information that makes you uncomfortable, Van Belle takes the most tumultuous political periods in recent history head-on. Somehow, he weaves in recent movies and books into the text as he works in a solid foundation in institutions, ideology, and economics controversies into all that sizzle, which is certain to captivate students.

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We gratefully acknowledge Douglas A. Van Belle for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Alicia Fisher of California State University at Fullerton for developing the resources on this site.