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Built on the philosophy of rehabilitation and treatment rather than retribution and punishment, the key of the juvenile justice system is to deter delinquency before adolescents make their way into the harsher adult system. Frank Schmalleger's Juvenile Justice 2e provides an in-depth exploration of the United States juvenile justice system and the response from police, courts, and correctional institutions to crimes committed by juveniles, as well as the strategies used to deter these crimes. Using an active-learning approach, renowned authors Frank Schmalleger and Catherine D. Marcum provide students with a foundational understanding of the juvenile justice system, while also giving them with the opportunity to put what they learn into action - increasing their ability to comprehend and retain information and to carefully analyze the juvenile justice system.

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We gratefully acknowledge Frank Schmalleger and Catherine D. Marcum for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Graphic World, Inc. for developing the resources on this site.