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Businesses today are experiencing exceptional challenges and change. Artificial intelligence. Globalization. Social justice. Equitability. Research can help inform an organization's strategic decision-making on these topics and more. 

Practical, concise, and founded upon cutting edge research, Management Today, 2nd Edition equips students with the necessary skills to become impactful members of today's business world. Authors Terri A. Scandura and Frankie J. Weinberg share their experience as active researchers and award-winning teachers throughout the reading to engage and inspire the next generation of managers. Students can apply what they learned through self-assessments, reflection exercises, and experiential activities. Real-world case studies explore practical business events students may encounter through their own careers. Integrating core management concepts with evidence-based research and strategies, this text provides students of all majors with the foundations they need to start and enhance their careers. 

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We gratefully acknowledge Terri A. Scandura and Frankie J. Weinberg for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.