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Multiple Regression: A Practical Introduction is a text for an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course in statistics for social science and related fields. Also, students preparing for more advanced courses can self-study the text to refresh and solidify their statistical background. Drawing on decades of teaching this material, the authors present the ideas in an approachable and nontechnical manner, with no expectation that readers have more than a standard introductory statistics course as background. Multiple regression asks how a dependent variable is related to, or predicted by, a set of independent variables. The book includes many interesting example analyses and interpretations, along with exercises. Each dataset used for the examples and exercises is small enough for readers to easily grasp the entire dataset and its analysis with respect to the specific statistical techniques covered. SPSS, Stata, SAS, and R code and commands for each type of analysis or recoding of variables in the book are available on an accompanying website, along with solutions to the exercises (on the instructor site).

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