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Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology connects key concepts to real field research and practices using contemporary examples and recurring case studies throughout the book that demonstrate how concepts relate to students’ lives. Authors Callie M. Rennison and Timothy C. Hart introduce practical research strategies used in criminal justice to show students how a research question can become a policy that changes or influences criminal justice practices. The book’s student-driven approach addresses both the why and the how as it covers the research process and focuses on the practical application of data collection and analysis. By demonstrating the variety of ways research can be used and reinforcing the need to discern quality research, the book prepares students to become critical consumers and ethical producers of research. The Second Edition includes two new case studies woven throughout and new expert profiles to highlight contemporary topics.

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We gratefully acknowledge Callie Marie Rennison and Timothy C. Hart for writing an excellent text and creating the materials on this site.