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Video Links

Video 1:

Description: Twenty-five years after Rodney King and the LA riots, CNN’s Ryan Young shows how videos have become the voice for many silent Americans who without them, may have never seen justice

Video 2:

Description: Thousands of San Francisco marijuana convictions to be thrown out

Video 3:

Description: Man jailed at 15 under controversial felony murder rule receives commuted sentence


Audio Links

Audio 1:

Description: LA’s Leimert Park neighborhood saw riots after the Rodney King verdict. Nearby in the Simi Valley, where many in law enforcement live, residents see the recent shootings from their own perspective

Audio 2:

Description: Some California cities criminalize nuisance code violations


Web Links

Web 1:

Description: This website has an extensive collection of legal information including: state laws, federal laws, statutes, and also case law annotations

Web 2:

Description: This website provides information pertaining to laws in the United States and Canada

Web 3:

Description: Website for a non-profit organization that educates young people about law and government

Web 4:

Description: This website provides information about the Rodney King case