Study Problems Errata

Problem 8.2.   This problem is the same as Caselet 6.1.   A teaching note for Caselet 6.1 is provided following the solutions to the study problems in Chapter 6.

Problem 8.4.   In this problem, the overhead/indirect cost per week should be $14 and the cost to rent Hawking from IBM is $25 per week (not $14,000 and $25,000 as indicated in the problem).   The solution is dependent on consistent measurement units.

Problem 8.8.   This problem cannot be answered due to the lack of data provided.  The problem can be modified to ask students to indicate the placement of the resource, feeding, and project buffers for the solution in Problem 8.7.  The solution to that problem is indicated in the Instructor’s Manual.

Problem 11.2.   In Exhibit 11.20, the data indicate that tasks A, B, and C are 110 percent completed.   They are, in fact, only 100 percent completed. 

Problem 11.4.   The problem states:  Using the data in Problem 11.4…..   This is incorrect; it should say “Using the data in Problem 11.3”.