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Journalism graduates today will hold a variety of positions throughout their careers that will require a skill set that transcends any one medium. Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing: Foundational Skills for a Digital Age, Second editionshows students how to approach their stories and think on their feet in the evolving media landscape. Vince F. Filak provides guidance on journalistic practices that are the bread-and-butter skills of the industry while weaving in the “how-to’s” of producing digital news. By popular demand, the Second Edition includes even more writing and grammar exercises for students, discussions of social media and digital media advancements, and additional career-related examples to help students become successful upon their entry in the field.  Recognizing that well-crafted stories are founded on sharp prose, Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing covers more foundational elements of a newswriting textbook, like lead writing, structure, and storytelling while also teaching students how to think critically and determine what matters most to their readers.

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We gratefully acknowledge Vincent F. Filak for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Jeremy Kohler of Washington University, St. Louis for developing the resources on this site.