MCAT Guide

In 2015, the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) began to include the social and behavioral sciences (Section 3 Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior). Sociological content constitutes thirty percent of Section 3. This material is organized under four Foundational Concepts with a range of subtopics known as “Content Categories.” The four Foundational Concepts are:

  • Foundational Concept 7: Biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors influence behavior and behavior change.
  • Foundational Concept 8: Psychological, sociocultural, and biological factors influence the way we think about ourselves and others, as well as how we interact with others.
  • Foundational Concept 9: Cultural and social differences influence well-being.
  • Foundational Concept 10: Social stratification and access to resources influence well-being.

This guide links the four MCAT Foundational Concepts and Subtopics to appropriate text chapters. It is organized in a chapter by chapter manner. It first summarizes the main topics covered in each chapter, and then shows the relevant MCAT topics below the summary.