Congress and Its Members

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“I think Congress and Its Members is a near-perfect example of what a textbook is supposed to be. It provides a clear foundation of factual knowledge for students, along with an accessible summary of the current state of scholarly knowledge in the field, and well-chosen examples from today’s headlines to better enable students to understand the implications of what they have read.” 
—James B. Cottrill, St. Cloud State University

The Gold Standard for Congress Courses for Over Thirty Years. 

Congress and Its Members offers comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Congress and the legislative process by examining the tension between Congress as a lawmaking institution and as a collection of politicians constantly seeking re-election. The highly anticipated Seventeenth Edition considers the 2018 elections and the Trump administration, discussing the agenda of the new Congress, White House–Capitol Hill relations, party and committee leadership changes, judicial appointments, and partisan polarization, in addition to covering changes to budgeting, campaign finance, lobbying, public attitudes about Congress, reapportionment, rules, and procedures. Always balancing great scholarship with currency, this bestseller features lively case material along with relevant data, charts, exhibits, maps, and photos.

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